Alan Coutts

Noront Resources

Alan Coutts is President and CEO of Noront Resources, the company that is leading development of Ontario’s emerging, mineral-rich Ring of Fire mining district. His career has literally taken him to the ends of the earth–from the Arctic Circle to the South Pacific. He has also worked extensively throughout Canada, Scandinavia and Australasia for some of the world’s largest mining companies including Falconbridge, Noranda, Boliden and Xstrata.

Regardless of where mining has taken him, collaborative development has been a consistent theme in Alan’s career. This means not only developing and operating of mines in cooperation with local populations, but doing so in a manner that shows respect for local customs and the environment. His experience includes working closely with the Inuit and First Nations in Canada, and the indigenous populations of Western Australia and New Caledonia.

At Noront Resources, Alan leads a diverse team that aims to create a 21st century mining company. Their goal is to develop mines in cost effective, sustainable ways in true partnership with local communities. Alan is a registered professional geoscientist in the Province of Ontario, and earned a geology degree from the University of Alberta where he graduated with First Class honours.